New Builds

New build - for investment or to live in yourself

If you're looking for a complete new property, sourcing the right new build builder is one of the first steps to success.

New builds in London are growing in popularity, for two main reasons. One is that building your own home to your exact specifications is always going to be an attractive option for many of us. As long as you pick the right location and plot, it can also be cheaper than buying an existing house.

The other reason is that as an investment, building your own property is hard to beat. Whatever the general economic conditions, there is now and will be for many years to come a shortage of property in London.

There are also other important advantages if you build your own property. For example, you can ensure that the house is highly energy-efficient and built using environmentally-friendly materials and methods.

Ideal Developments can advise on all areas of building your own home, from initial ideas and planning regulations through to construction. We provide all kinds of new builds, including both traditional and timber frame builds.

We can also fit out your new house so it's ready to live in or to rent or sell, as we use a full range of craftspeople and other professionals, from tilers and carpenters through to plumbers and electricians - for details, see our home refurbishment page

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